Traditional Frankincense Resins

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Traditional Frankincense Resins

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Scent Frankincense
Item Form Naturally Dried Granules
Material 100% Natural Gum, sourced from Boswellia trees
Quality Traditional, Organic, Chemical-free
Package Content Pea-sized irregular granules in 1kg, 500g & 250g container
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Grade Traditional quality
Origin 100% natural, sourced from Boswellia trees
Aroma Warm and Calming scent
Purity Free from additives or artificial components
Package Weight 1 kg / 500g / 250g
Package Dimensions 1 kg / 500g / 250g plastic container
Product ID / SKU MM-TFR-W1000-Q1 (for 1kg), MM-TFR-W500-Q1 (for 500g), MM-TFR-W250-Q1 (for 250g)

Indulge your senses with the pure essence of our "100% Natural Premium Frankincense Resins." Sourced directly from the finest Boswellia trees, our resins are a testament to uncompromising quality and authenticity.

Natural Purity
Crafted with care, our frankincense resins are 100% natural, free from additives, and embody the true essence of Boswellia. Experience the unadulterated power of nature with every precious resin bead.

Premium Quality
Selected for their exceptional quality, our resins are of premium grade, promising a rich and authentic fragrance that transports you to ancient lands and sacred rituals. Elevate your spiritual practices and everyday moments with the finest frankincense available.

Sustainable Sourcing
Our commitment to sustainability extends to the very roots of our product. Harvested from Boswellia trees in a responsible manner, our resins not only bring you a sensory delight but also contribute to the preservation of these precious ecosystems.

Meditative Ambiance
Ignite a sense of tranquility and mindfulness as the subtle, earthy aroma of frankincense fills your space. Perfect for meditation, relaxation, and creating a serene environment, our resins enhance your daily rituals and spiritual practices.

Thoughtful Packaging
Each package is carefully sealed to preserve the freshness and purity of the resins. Our thoughtfully designed packaging ensures that you receive a product that meets the highest standards, ready to infuse your space with divine fragrance.

Available Sizes
Choose from a variety of sizes to suit your preferences and needs. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting your aromatic journey, our range caters to all.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of our 100% Natural Premium Frankincense Resins – a gift from nature to elevate your senses and bring a touch of sacred tradition to your modern life.

Step 1. Simply place a small amount on a charcoal disc or in an incense burner, and let the magic unfold.
Step 2. Watch as the resin delicately smolders, releasing a captivating aroma that lingers, creating an enchanting atmosphere.
Step 3. Ensure good ventilation, and keep away from flammable items

Always supervise a lit candle and ensure it is not left alone. Keep away from children and pets.

Brand Mary Matha
Product ID / SKU MM-TFR-W1000-Q1 (for 1kg), MM-TFR-W500-Q1 (for 500g), MM-TFR-W250-Q1 (for 250g)
Place of Origin Thrissur (dist), Kerala
Manufacturer Details Mary Matha Industries, Puthukkad P.O., Puthukkad Gramapanchayat, Thrissur, Kerala-680301
Packer Details Mary Matha Industries, Puthukkad P.O., Puthukkad Gramapanchayat, Thrissur, Kerala-680301