Fright On Board

  1. Shipping Information
    • Provide detailed shipping information, including estimated delivery times, shipping carriers used, and any associated costs.
    • Clearly state that the products are available for international shipping and mention the countries or regions where shipping is possible.

  2. FOB Terms
    • Clearly define the FOB terms for your products. For example, specify whether the FOB point is at the seller's location or another agreed-upon location.
    • Provide information on who will be responsible for the shipping costs, insurance, and any other charges associated with the transportation of goods.

  3. Shipping Costs
    Clearly communicate shipping costs to different destinations. Consider providing a shipping calculator to allow customers to estimate shipping costs based on their location.

  4. Customs and Import Regulations
    Provide information on customs and import regulations for different countries to ensure customers are aware of any restrictions or additional fees they might encounter.

  5. Contact Us
    For questions or concerns, you may contact us via email by clicking here.

Payment via UPI

Follow the below instructions to use "Pay via UPI" option

Step 1. Calculate the Total Cost based on the unit price of the product interested and quantity required.

Step 2. Scan the QR code using your preferred UPI app (GooglePay, Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay or WhatsApp Pay) and make the payment equal to Total Cost.

Step 3. After successful payment, take a screenshot of the payment confirmation screen.

Step 4. Share the following details to our official WhatsApp number :
Product details
Quantity required
Full address and phone number
Payment confirmation screenshot

Step 5. Upon receiving the above details, we will initiate the shipment process.

Step 6. Once the shipment is dispatched, you will receive a message on WhatsApp containing the shipment tracking details.
Pay via UPI