Pastores dabo vobis

MaryMatha Major Seminary Thrissur



Literary academy is an occasion to develop the abilities of each person. When there are many people all may not get chances to develop their abilities and skills. So Marymatha Major Seminary introduced literary academy to find out and develop all the abilities of each seminarian. This literary academy is for Philosophers. All the philosophers are divided into five groups such as Symphony, Flamingos, Jyothis, Oasis and Bonanza. Each group contains around seventeen brothers as members. Many programmes are intended for these groups. Once in a week each group gather together and do prayer service. This group gathering is a help to have a good relation at least with the members of each group and to know them better. Each group has to prepare a programme of one hour and need to conduct it for the whole seminary. Topics for their presentation are given. They are Globalization and the Decline of Value system for Symphony group, Greedy man and dying Nature for Flamingoes group, Mission and its challenges for Jyothis group, The importance of life in the present Era for Oasis group and A Vision about Science of 21 st Century., its possibilities for Bonanza group. The programmes are evaluated and give prizes for the best presentation.


Science Academy is an academic forum for science and ecology, which is formed as part of the extra curricular activities of the seminary. The Academy aims at keeping the students in touch with the scientific developments and to be informed of the ecological concerns. It is initiated and directed by Rev. Fr. Anto Cheranthuruthy, the Dean of Philosophy. The Academy was officially inaugurated by Dr. C. Radhakrishnan on 10th July, 2007. The inaugural address was on the topic "Science and Contemporary Society". The Academy consists of more than forty members including both philosophers and theologians. A discussion was conducted on August 11, 2007 under the guidance of Dr. Jose Kallarackal on Global Climate Changes to make us aware of the drastic effects of our current technologies on the climate.

The activities of the Science Academy include:

The Academy has also undertaken the maintenance of the herbal garden of the seminary. A new herbal nursery is also in the making with the aim of selling the medicinal plants outside the seminary. The students take initiative in conducting discussions and other relative activities.


Marymatha has ever kept a sound attitude and performance in the field of sports and games. On the 10 th year of Marymaatha, when looks backward, Marymatha has been gone through many proud and precious moments of victories, in the home ground and outside, conducted with other major seminaries and clubs. Marymatha has a wide range of sports and games faculties. There are Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Caroms, Chess, Cards, etc.

As like the previous years, this year also we had one week coaching programme. It was for Foot ball, Basket ball, and Volley ball by the expert persons in those fields, there names are respectively, Mr. Balakrishnan, Mr. Sunny, and Mr. ………..

Marymatha aims to build up the priest, not as intellectual giants but as the one who follows the heart of Jesus in all ways. In that attempt, sports and games carry an important role in the formation of priest in Marymatha Major Seminary. It makes better seminarians' physical and mental fitness.



Inauguration: Sargajyoti, the common forum of our Seminary, aims at nurturing literary and artistic talents of the students. Sargajyoti co-ordinates the literary and cultural activities of the academic year. The activities of Sargajyoti of the year 2006-2007 were inaugurated on 3rd July 2006 by Sri C. L. Jose, the famous playwright. On the same day, the students of Marymatha staged a beautiful drama, 'Arivinte Thamburan' and thus marked the beginning of a series of cultural and artistic presentations of the students.

Special Academies:

Special Academies: Under the auspices of Sargajyoti, solemn academies were held on Independence Day and Republic day. Sri. Rajaji Thomas Mathew, MLA, Ollur Constituency, and Prof. John Cyriac, a well-known orator were chief guests of honour on these occasions.


Rhetoric: In order to enhance and cultivate the art of public speaking, the students were given opportunities to deliver sermons either in the refectory or in the chapel. The students of theology section gave their sermons in the chapel during liturgical celebrations, while the students of philosophy section, in the refectory. Besides these, brothers delivered speeches both in English and Malayalam during various academies.


Spectrum: Spectrum is the wall magazine of the seminary managed by Sargajyoti, which provides the students opportunity to develop their journalistic and artistic talents. The activities of spectrum for the academic year were inaugurated on 3rd June 2006. During this academic year, spectrum published 15 issues on various occasions.

Catholica Sabha: The magazine called Catholica Sabha, published by catholic information centre, Thrissur is edited from the seminary. This provides the students, ample opportunity to develop their literary, artistic and journalistic talents with a pastoral outlook.


Music is a great gift of God. God created this world with a musical rhythm. Music has been called the language of emotions. It is a cornerstone for enriching mutual relationship between God and man and man and fellow beings. Music is the ineffable gift of God of all other beautiful arts. Knowing this reality, Marymatha seminary is so interested in the realm of choir and it helps all to have a definite rhythm in the seminary formation also


On 27th October 2007 under the auspicious of Sargajyothi a class-wise competition for composition and recitation of Psalms was organized. 2nd year theologians, 3rd year theologians and 1st year theologians respectively lifted the first, second and third prizes. The choirmaster of each batch takes the initiative to conduct the competition. The brothers wrote the songs basing the Bible words and give an apt tune for that. Beyond the competition the soul aim of this competition is to have the harmony and unity among the batch means not trophy but Unity. All the members of one batch will be participating for their Psalm.

Sree Ragam:

Under the auspicious of MaryMatha choir, an orchestra was held on the latest of third term. The whole community including teaching and non-teaching staff members took active part in the Sree Ragam. All possible instruments are using to make the day bright. The selected choir members sing the different varieties of songs without having any limitation of the languages means we sing Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, English, etc, songs. We never forced to use recorded floppy or and form of karaoke's. And Rev.Dr:Babu Panattuparambil, who is the choir in charge of this seminary, directs it. He will be with us to boost us and it is our proud.

Feast of St CICILY :

On the feast of the patron of the Church singers, here conduct a song competition for the non-choir members in the seminary. Selected members of brothers from each batch can sing any song as they wish using the key board or the recorded karaoke's. The best person will get the prizes of that day. We all celebrate the day with high hope of blessing from the Patron and we all hope to sing well.

Special choirs:

On the occasion of St:Thomas day(July 3),Vianney's Day(August 4), Independence Day(August 15), Thiruvonam, Homeday, Christmas Celebrations and Farewell to Deacons (December 20), Republic Day(January 26) and Farewell to Third Year Philosophers we do have choir, Full-choir, Section wise choir and Class wise choir respectively.


Our seminary has a separate choir team, both from the choir members and non-choir members, who help for the English Holy Qurbana in the Main Chapel, on every Fridays. The well-known singers from the Chethana Studio, Thrissur, train us for a month for the same.